About us
Bridging Science With Life
With an unwavering commitment to “bridging science with life”, Genaxya is the premier provider in Chile focused solely on addressing the unique needs of patients facing rare and complex medical conditions.
Our mission is to improve the lives of patients with rare diseases and complex medical conditions by delivering leading-edge and accessible therapies and supporting patients along their journey.
Our vision is to be recognized as a leading company that empowers great people to deliver life-altering therapies for rare diseases and complex medical conditions with a profound sense of urgency and compassion.
Ethics and Compliance
Our Compliance and Ethics Program is meticulously crafted to uphold our core mission: commercializing safe, effective, and transformative treatments for patients with debilitating diseases. We hold every team member accountable to this mission, recognizing that our success hinges not only on the outcomes we achieve but also on the integrity with which we pursue them and our steadfast dedication to patients.

Central to our approach is a proactive compliance program that adheres to established regulatory standards for effectiveness. We ensure that all employees participate in compliance training covering our Code of Conduct, anti-corruption protocols, and data privacy regulations, with comprehensive records maintained for each training session.  Additionally, compliance is integrated into our induction program for new hires, setting clear expectations. 

We foster a culture of transparency and accountability, encouraging employees to report any potential misconduct or unethical behavior openly.
Our Partners
We firmly believe in the power of collaboration to achieve optimal outcomes. By leveraging our expertise alongside leading specialists in orphan product development, we strive to make critical treatments for rare diseases accessible to every patient. Our strategic approach involves forging partnerships with top industry experts to identify therapeutic solutions in late-stage development or already available in specific countries, with the ultimate goal of making them accessible in Chile.

We seek partners within both the public and private health sectors who share our mission and embrace our collaborative approach to make a meaningful difference in the lives of rare disease patients and caregivers.
Ethics, Risk and Compliance
Genaxya operates as an independent entity, navigating the orphan market with a keen focus on ethics, compliance, accessibility, and corporate governance. We prioritize adherence to our partners' compliance standards as well as our own, ensuring flawless implementation. Above all, we are committed to fostering a patient-centric approach and upholding the highest ethical and professional standards, which are foundational to our company culture and critical to our success.